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We’re American sports fans. We’re two-parts passion and one-part religion. We live and breathe sports. And now that our athletic heroes have become part of our everyday life, we want to know them, inside and out.

Now, we can. Literally. Dr. Mark Adickes, a Super Bowl-winning NFL offensive lineman turned Harvard-educated orthopedic surgeon is our host. And with his expert help (and state-of-the-art scanning and MRI technology), Athlete 360 gives us a window into our heroes’ past – letting us see the physical effect of their awe-inspiring careers… and the physical toll those acts of heroism exacted.

But this is not just a voyeuristic look at blown ACL’s and Tommy John surgeries. It’s a chance to see how the sports we love have changed, a chance to better understand what today’s athletes go through, and importantly, how to protect our kids from future injuries as they compete.

Dr. Adickes will explain how surgery techniques have improved, interview past and current elite athletes about their bodies, and give weekend warriors and parents alike a true inside look at sports.

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